Binational Encuentro: Artist Workshops

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OCTOBER 11, 2018

10 AM – 9 PM

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By exposing and exploring the fundamental role of the imagination within contemporary culture, the creative workshops will be a space of encounter. Participants will experiment with a wide range of art practices around the concepts of migration, displacement, ethnic trauma, memory and identity through the lenses of gender and sexuality.

10 AM - 12 PM

Violeta Luna Workshop

The Body in Action: Paths Towards a Personal Cartography

Description: This workshop has been created for artists of performance, dancers, actors, spoken word or visual artists interested in performance art and in exploring the intersection of the personal, the theatrical and the political through stage actions. Students in these disciplines are also welcome.

Workshop participants will make use of their personal memory and identity as the expressive territory where they will chart a vocabulary of stage actions. Drawing on their use of body, participants will also work on imagery related to their individual and social understanding of gender, sexuality and race. Some thematic threads in the workshop include: Body (fiction and non-fiction, presence and inner strength, body as subject/object;) Space (internal and external, spatial relationships, the intervention of public and private space;) Time (real-time, fictional-time, ritual-time;) Action (site-specific, action – reaction, responses to real and imagined stimuli, audience interaction, the creative accident.) Please wear comfortable clothes for physical work and bring objects that are meaningful to you. Participants should bring costume pieces, props, and makeup also.

Who should apply: Professional or students of performance, spoken-word, actors, dancers and visual artists. All applicants should have a basic understanding of the discipline of performance art.

In Spanish
El cuerpo en acción: rutas hacia una cartografía personal

Este taller va dirigido a artistas de la interpretación, bailarines, actores, artistas de la palabra hablada y artistas visuales con un interés en el arte escénico y en el estudio de la intersección de lo personal, lo teatral y lo político a través de acciones escénicas. Se invita también a los estudiantes de dichas disciplinas. Los participantes en el taller harán uso de su memoria e identidad personal como territorio de expresión en el que representarán un vocabulario de acciones escénicas. A través del uso de su cuerpo, los participantes trabajarán también en el conjunto de imágenes relacionadas con lo que entienden por género, sexualidad y raza desde el punto de vista individual y social.

Algunos de los hilos temáticos del taller son los siguientes: cuerpo (ficción y no ficción, presencia y fuerza interior, cuerpo como sujeto/objeto), espacio (interior y exterior, relaciones espaciales, la intervención del espacio público y privado), tiempo (tiempo real, tiempo ficticio, tiempo ritual), acción (relativa a lugares concretos, acción – reacción, respuestas a estímulos reales e imaginarios, interacción con el público, el accidente creativo). A quiénes va dirigido: profesionales o estudiantes del arte escénico, actores de la palabra hablada, bailarines y artistas visuales. Los solicitantes deben tener conocimientos básicos de la disciplina del arte escénico.

Nota: se ruega a los participantes que traigan ropa deportiva/cómoda para el ejercicio de la actividad física, objetos personales con significado personal, así como maquillaje y disfraces.

Teré Fowler-Chapman Workshop

Poetry As An Act Of Resistance

Description: Caring for myself is not self­indulgence it is self­preservation and that is an act of political warfare ― Audre Lorde

Join writer, community organizer and educator Tere’ Fowler­-Chapman for a workshop that will use meditation, poetic mantra and generative writing as an act of resistance. Here, we will explore the idea that “loving and living in a world despite the violence we face is a form of radical action.” This workshop is an intentional space for our words to love on us, settle us, and in turn fuel us.


Megan Cox Workshop

Subtly and Space

Description: Participants will be guided through an exploration of the small thresholds of the human nervous system which dictate how we receive, process and respond to information in the real world. Several “experiential” or (experienced activities) will facilitate a playful and elucidating conversation on how these human responses affect our relationship with ourselves + each other, as well as news cycles, social change, and creativity itself.

1 PM - 3 PM

Sadie Shaw Workshop

Universal Sign Language Game

Description: Universal Sign Language Game. Find a partner and without speaking, go back and forth to see how many signs and actions you can think of (ie. waving for hello, pointing, peace sign). After, compose a secret message using only signs and actions and demonstrate it to the group. The group will attempt to translate the message. This practice encourages the deconstruction of language. Symbolic gestures undermine the barriers created by spoken languages while exposing our natural ability to communicate without words.

Heather Gray Digital Storytelling Workshop

Art and Activism Sequences for Social Media

Description: Heather Gray offers a digital storytelling workshop for artists, activists, and community organizers. This workshop is designed to intuitively lead participants to develop their voice by producing a series of short final digital media pieces. Please bring your own mobile devices, cell phones or tablets.

Outcomes: Participants will have learned the basics of multimedia production video recording, sound recording, still photography. They will produce a short piece ideal for posting as a series on social media. They will expand and put into practice their skills as communicators, critical and creative thinkers.

Niña Yhared Workshop

In her workshop, the artist will combine theory and practice to analyze and understand the definition of Female Migrations. The artist will be the focus in the body as territory, as a written and conceptual space. The workshop is also specialized in Performance Art, and the students are going to think about the multiple possibilities of migrations exploring different exercises to make a final piece with the body as a language.
The workshop is suitable for the public interested in the phenomenon of migrations, theory, and Performance Art practice and visual arts. It is ideal for students, dance artists, choreographers, actors, videographers, and experimental musicians.
Note: To take the workshop participants need to bring comfortable clothes.

7 PM - 9 PM

Michèle Ceballos Michot  and Natalie Brewster Nguyen

Embodying Self

Description: The Embodying Self workshop is a journey inward and outward through awakening the physical, ethereal and astral body. Having taught dance, movement, fitness, performance and wellness for over 30 years, I truly believe in this technique for grounding and strengthening the whole self. Through this 2 hour workshop you may experience a clearer, happier and empowered self. Class applies the techniques of Yoga, Pilates, Ballet and Jazzercise, for stretching, toning, strengthening and cardio. Performance games for connecting to others and learning to play and have fun again! Essential oils and chanting for releasing tension, stress, anxiety and attaining balance. Fascia release and gentle massage and meditation for a total body, mind and spiritual re-boot. Wear comfortable workout clothing, light dance slipper, socks or barefoot. Helpful to bring if you can, a Yoga mat, blanket or large towel to lay on. A small towel to cover eyes and a blanket or large towel to cover body. Water. An open heart and trust.

Nayla Altamirano Workshop

Metáforas de la memoria Taller

Sobre el taller: La resilencia no se nace se hace..

Intervenir la realidad política y social que vivimos construir una memoria colectiva y convertir nuestras historias personales en materia creativa, nuestro cuerpo como manifiesto político, palabra, música, acción, regresando a nuestro origen, descubriendo quienes somos y de donde venimos, borrando nuestras propias fronteras a en una metáfora en donde todo es posible.

Dirigido a artistas, activistas, estudiantes, a todo publico que quiera encontrar su memoria.

Metaphors of memory Workshop

About the workshop: The resilience is not born is made.

To intervene the political and social reality that we live on, to build a collective memory and turn our personal stories into creative matter, our body as a political manifesto, word, music, action, returning to our origin, discovering who we are and where we come from, erasing our own borders an in a metaphor where everything is possible.

Artists, activists, students, all audiences who want to find their memory and resilience through performance.

Lorena Orozco Quiyono Workshop

Description: Talleres de trabajo sobre cuerpo, espacio, tiempo. Trabajo con los participantes sobre las memorias, conocimiento y reflexión sobre la mujer y migración. De manera sensible conectar con la problemática y los espacios de oportunidad y empoderamiento. Especialmente diseñado para migrantes y organizaciones de migrantes. Traigan un cuaderno, un lápiz, una goma y cinta métrica.