Leilani Clark

Leilani Clark is a native-born Tucsonan of Indigenous (Diné/Santa Clara) and African American heritage. She is a community organizer and activist who has been involved in the Immigrant Rights Movement and fight to preserve cultural education in public AZ schools before, during and after the “2010” signing of the anti-migrant bill, SB 1070, and anti-Ethnic Studies bill, HB 2281. Leilani’s political analysis further broadened around gender equality after surviving sexual assault and an oppressive rape culture of silence and victim blaming. In 2013 Leilani began dabbling in the art of spoken word to confront silence around gender violence in movement spaces and in 2014 she relocated to Las Vegas, NV where she further explored the art of slam poetry. Leilani fired up the local Sin City open-mic scene, regularly performing poetry, music and previously co-hosting Las Vegas’s longest running weekly open-min, “The Human Experience.” The winds brought her back to her hometown, and she is currently using art in all her work to convey messages of social justice, cultural pride, healing and international solidarity.